Fanbase makes it unbelievably easy to
display moderated fan photos & videos
on your website or Facebook page.

Fanbase is a social marketing platform that helps
marketers create, manage, and promote campaigns
through Instagram photos and videos.

How it works

We built Fanbase to be flexible and simple to use.

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  • 1. Moderate Customer Photos

    Use moderation to add customer photos to a microsite, Facebook tab, or embedabble widget.

  • 2. Create Social Content

    Share fan photos to Facebook and Twitter, or “like”, “follow” or comment on Instagram.

  • 3. Drive Purchase Intent

    Add product links, connecting fan photos to e-commerce pages, driving traffic and online sales.

  • 4. Create Social Proof

    Use our widget to show products in use by real customers, right on your e-commerce product pages.

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Just a few things you can do with Fanbase...

  • Run a Photo Contest

    Let your fans vote for their favorite photos or judge entries yourself.

  • Run a Challenge

    Get photos for advertising, product labels, or product integrations.

  • Create a Product Gallery

    Feature customer photos on your website, blog, or ecommerce site.

  • Capture Event Moments

    Collect and display photos from your special events.

  • Promote a Sweepstake

    Have fans enter a sweepstakes by submitting brand relevant photos.

  • Create a Photo Menu

    Take foodie photos and turn them into an Instagram inspired menu.

  • Launch a Fan Gallery

    Give fans a permanent place to share and view brand relevant photos.

  • Get Creative

    Create your own concept. The only limit is your imagination.

Our Features

  • Optimize for Mobile

    Create a gallery, campaign or contest optimized for mobile devices.

  • Enable Fan Voting

    Allow your fans to vote in photo contests with authenticated voting.

  • Design Like a Pro

    Match your brand's look with our easy-to-use editor.

  • Get Facebook Likes

    Integrate campaigns into Facebook pages with optional like-gating.

  • Launch In Minutes

    Easily setup your campaign without any programming or IT.

  • Use Your Own URL

    Easily map your domain and let us worry about hosting.

  • Embed Anywhere

    Use embeddable widgets to display your campaign on any webpage.

  • Protect Your Brand

    Create and display contest rules and Terms of Service.

  • Promote Your Campaign

    Easily share fan photos with one-click through Facebook and Twitter.

  • Engage On Instagram

    Like, comment, and follow fans right from Fanbase.

  • Quick Moderation

    Manage multiple photos with bulk moderation and engagement tools.

  • Gain Insight

    Measure campaign performance with Google analytics integration.

  • Shape Magazine
  • Scout Magazine
  • Lifetime Clothing
  • Skyy Vodka
  • "The next generation of social marketing platforms is helping brands tap into their audience for content, and then use that content for marketing results."

  • "The essentially visual nature of Instagram makes Fanbase a natural fit for fashion and advertising, but there are plenty of consumer brands that are already celebrated on Instagram."